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Best Way to Remove Parasites, Contaminants, and Bacteria From Drinking Water

Some city water treatment plants produce between three and six million gallons of water using reverse osmosis. It’s a way of purifying water by hyperfiltration, meaning large particles in the water are removed leaving water that is pure and clean. A permeable membrane is used, forcing water through it, which removes harmful impurities, particles, and salts. This is the process that’s used to remove salt from sea water, making it safe to drink. A water filter that uses the reverse osmosis method of purifying water will remove from 80% to 95% of mercury, lead, nickel, cyanide, chlorine, phosphates, sulfates, and sodium from the water.

Sometimes, a water system can contain too much fluoride. Reverse Osmosis can Remove Fluoride in Drinking Water when this occurs. It’s been in the public drinking water supply since 1945 and has been touted as something that keeps teeth healthier. As with anything else, there can be too much of a good thing and, when this happens, the reverse osmosis method of water purification comes to the rescue. Many people have these systems installed in their homes so they know for sure their families are drinking water free of excess fluoride, contaminants, and parasites.

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The High-pressure reverse osmosis systems remove impurities by pushing the water through the permeable membrane at a very high pressure. The water goes through the membrane, keeping large particles and parasites on one side while allowing good water to filter through. Since salt, arsenic, and fluoride stay on the other side, with only mineral-rich water being available when the process is completed. There is nothing like a cold glass of clean, pure water when a person is thirsty. Anyone suffering with a bad headache should know they are dehydrated and need a tall glass of water, and that water will be better if the reverse osmosis method was used to purify it.


There are companies that produce purifying glasses for traveling, under-sink appliances, and take-along purification pitchers when they’re going camping, or biking for long weekends. No one wants to even suspect they are swallowing pathogenic bacteria or harmful contaminants while drinking a big glass of water. Filtering their water with a high-quality reverse osmosis filter is the best thing they can do to get healthy water.

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